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Custom Quality Fences

Fences are a common sight in many homes across Virginia. From simple and traditional to modern and complex styles, each fence is designed and built to suit their homeowner’s needs and preferences. Installing one yourself is often easier said than done as you may end up spending more than your budget. You’re better off working with experienced builders such as Valer Builders to get your money’s worth!

Safety and Privacy in Mind

A Valer fence is built to provide curb appeal and privacy to your home property. A well-built fence allows your kids and pets to play in your backyard without worrying about their safety. If you’re planning to install one on your property, it must be sturdy to keep out unwanted guests and durable enough to withstand most weather conditions. We offer several design options and materials, making it easy to find the right fit for your home.

Our gallery features some of the finest fences we’ve installed for our clients. Check them out here!