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Adding a deck to your home can increase its value by thousands of dollars! Research suggests a new deck can add about $10,000 to your home’s resale value. Nonetheless, building a deck is not a straightforward do-it-yourself endeavor. When considering adding a deck to your backyard, it is essential to engage the services of a professional deck builder.

When considering building a new deck, resurfacing an existing one, or creating a porch or patio, the question arises: DIY with friends or hire a professional deck contractor? While a DIY approach may be tempting, hiring a skilled deck builder is crucial for success.

1. Better Quality

Before embarking on the deck-building process, it is crucial to consider different factors to ensure a top-notch result. Rushing into the project without proper planning may lead to a subpar deck. Opting for the expertise of a professional deck builder guarantees a superior outcome. 

These skilled professionals possess vast experience in deck construction and understand the essential elements required to create a high-quality deck. A professional deck builder ensures structural integrity and safety while enhancing its aesthetic appeal and luxurious appearance. To attain a deck of exceptional quality, relying on the proficiency of the pros is undoubtedly the wisest choice.

2. Reliable Warranties and Guarantees

Opting for a licensed deck builder gives you access to a valuable warranty, offering added protection and peace of mind. A licensed builder will promptly and efficiently address any issues with your deck following construction. Motivated by their commitment to customer satisfaction and strong reputation, they strive for the highest standards of workmanship.

On the contrary, unlicensed contractors cannot offer you the same benefits. In case of disagreements or disputes during or after construction, seeking legal recourse against them may prove challenging. These individuals often operate discreetly, making accountability challenging. Choosing licensed professionals who prioritize your satisfaction and offer warranties is the best way to avoid uncertainties.

3. Cost Savings

Though it might seem counterintuitive, opting for a professional to build your deck could lead to significant cost savings. Doing it yourself means purchasing all materials and possibly new tools, driving up expenses. Additionally, any mistakes made along the way could result in costly repairs.

Hiring a skilled contractor does come with a cost, but it ensures the job is done right from the start. They bring their tools, sparing you the need to invest in them. Moreover, professionals may have access to material deals unavailable to the average consumer, offering affordable services on your deck project.

4. Customized Design

Enlist the services of a skilled deck builder, and you’ll gain access to a tailored design for your project. These experts can create a deck that perfectly matches your property’s preferences, lifestyle, and characteristics. Collaborating closely with you, they’ll grasp your vision and needs, offering invaluable insights and recommendations based on their extensive experience. 

Maintaining the latest trends, materials, and design methods, professional deck builders ensure your deck is visually appealing and practical. They can integrate specific features like multi-level platforms, built-in seating, outdoor kitchens, or pergolas, elevating your deck’s functionality and allure. With great precision and innate vision, they transform your ideas into a customized deck design, exceeding expectations and enhancing your home’s value.

5. Easy Access to Permits and Inspection

When building a deck, obtaining permits from local authorities is often crucial. Professional builders are well-versed in the process, understanding the requirements and paperwork for acquiring permits for your deck project. Their expertise extends to working with building inspectors to ensure the deck construction meets all safety and building code standards. 

By entrusting them, you save time and avoid headaches navigating the permit application process independently. Moreover, you can rest assured that your deck will be a safe and legally sound addition to your home, meeting all the requirements for construction.

6. Time Savings

Installing a deck involves numerous tasks, including design, permit acquisition, and site preparation. For those lacking experience and skills, it can become a daunting undertaking. Opting for a professional deck installation service can be a game-changer, sparing you significant time and effort. 

Professionals come equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to execute the project efficiently. You’ll no longer need to fret about spending weekends attempting to construct your deck. Instead, sit back, relax, and witness your dream deck materialize before your eyes without having to lift a finger.

Don’t hesitate to contact Valer Builders for all your deck-building needs. Our professional deck-builders are ready to create the perfect deck for your home. Allow us to handle the project while you sit back and relax.

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