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When you choose to build an outdoor living area, you’ve got a huge choice to make. What type of deck or porch do you want? Wood, stone, cement, or a combination of materials offers an intriguing design.

Types of Outdoor Living Areas

Although decks probably spring to mind when someone mentions an outdoor living area or outdoor kitchen, many other options exist. Consider constructing one of the following structures in your yard:

  • Deck
  • Gazebo
  • Grillzebo
  • Island deck
  • Patio
  • Pergola
  • Portico
  • Open-air porch
  • Screened-in porch
  • Veranda

Whether you want a veranda, a deck that wraps around all four sides of the home, or a traditional porch, how you want to enjoy your yard.

Outdoor Structures by Use

If you want a permanent outdoor kitchen with a stove and oven, then a deck, grillzebo, or patio works best. Homeowners who desire a shady spot to read a book or share coffee with friends would best be served by a gazebo, island deck, patio, pergola, portico, or open-air porch. Anyone wanting a multi-use outdoor area should consider a veranda or a deck and screened-in porch combination.

Also, consider the times of year that you want to use your outdoor living area. If you want to use it year-round, you’ll need a design that can feature an outdoor fireplace. Heating the deck or veranda will become a necessity during winter in any part of the U.S. Even in balmy Florida and California, in winter the temperatures drop into the chilly 40s. Florida has been known to experience some freezing nights.

If you choose to construct a screened-in front porch, you can add electrical outlets and use space heaters or an electric fireplace to keep it toasty during winter. Today’s electric fireplace options include freestanding and wall-mounted options.

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Let Valer Builders help you make your deck or porch dreams come true. We’ve built our business around improving, upgrading, and updating Virginia home exteriors. Adding an outdoor living area adds value to your home by increasing its curb appeal. Whether you want a porch, deck, or other yard structure for entertainment, recreation, or relaxation, we can build it for you. Valer Builders creates and builds unique custom decks, fences, and sheds to help you improve your home and your quality of life.

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