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Decks off a patio or decks surrounding an above-ground pool are often made of wood. When they’re brand-new, they are very attractive and inviting spaces. When they are weathered and worn, people generally don’t want to spend time sitting on them. If your deck has seen some better days, you can restore it rather than replace it entirely.

Sand It Smooth

A weathered deck frequently has a grayed, splintering look. If you spend a lot of time sanding it down, you will find that the wood underneath is still smooth and pleasant looking. Sand it completely smooth until all you see is the wood grain, not splintering bits of wood. The grayish or darker brown wood underneath the sanding is still good and just needs a sealant.

Replace Boards That Are Broken or Rotten

Safety is important when you are dealing with your deck. If you have some rotten boards, boards covered in lichen, or broken boards, by all means, replace them. They may not blend in as well because they are new boards, but it’s better than an injury. 

Use a Waterproof Stain and Sealant in One

If you aren’t going to hire a pro to do this, there are some excellent waterproof stain and sealant products out there. Oil-based stain and sealant in one is best as rain will just bead up on the oil covering the wood. Coat the deck well, wait for it to sink in and dry, and apply another coat. Some of these products do require that you sand between coats, so be sure to follow instructions on the product. Recoat and repeat annually or as directed. 

You Could Also Paint the Deck

An oil-based paint or paint designed for exterior use is recommended if you would rather just paint the deck. Painting the deck hides any faults or visual issues that stain would reveal. Ultimately, the appearance of the deck is your choice, which is why you can choose to paint it or go with a stain/sealant.

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