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The deck on your Virginia home can provide a gathering place for your friends and family in winter and summer with the right care and maintenance. During fall, conduct your maintenance to enjoy your home’s deck year-round.

Things to Check and Update

Replace any worn or broken boards. The moisture of winter snow will worsen any existing damage.

Before winter hits, add a coat of sealant to the deck, handrails, and steps. The sealant protects the deck’s wood from moisture like Virginia snow.

Check the flashing that joins the deck and house together. Replace worn flashing. Doing so protects both the deck and home by stopping water from entering.

Consider adding a retractable awning to provide shade and respite from precipitation. This gadget can make it cozy to watch rainfall or snowfall.

Clean the gutters around the roof of the home. Add leaf guards if the guttering system lacks them.

Add deck lights to the steps and porch lights to the home’s outdoor walls. These lights offer an important safety feature by lighting everyone’s way at night.

Furnishings Maintenance

Check the deck furniture for wear and tear. Replace worn chair cushions with waterproof cushions.

Arrange the deck furniture in small groupings to allow for private conversations and intimate interactions. Pair at least two to four chairs with a table in each group. That arrangement provides each grouping a  place for plates and drink glasses or mugs.

Provide each group with a small portable outdoor fireplace or chiminea. Doing so provides each group with a heat and natural light source.

Options to Consider

Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home’s deck makes preparing hearty winter meals easier. Cooking outside seems to make everything taste better, whether you smoke meats, skewer kebabs, or roast hotdogs, then make s’mores for dessert. Add an outdoor stove, fire pit, and sink to make meal preparation a breeze.

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