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This article will inform the reader of the four structural options Valer Builders and their team can offer to weatherproof their outdoor porch. Each option is unique and subjective to the individual homeowner’s specific needs. As such, each of the four types of structures will be shown to require varying design options as well as cost and general durability throughout not only the seasons of each year but the coming years themselves. By opting to maintain and weatherproof one’s porch the homeowner can be free of constantly worrying about up keeping said porch and enjoy their outdoor space either once again or for the first time.

Retractable Awnings 

The first waterproofing option discussed in this article will be Retractable Awnings. They are widely regarded as one of the best options when waterproofing a porch or patio. The main reason for this popularity is that they lend the benefit of covering one’s porch but don’t require a lengthy or costly undertaking of a permanent structure. Another benefit to a retractable awning, in addition to their being able to be easily taken off or pulled back, is the cost. Because they are not a permanent structure they are much cheaper than say a roof extension.

Aluminum Covers 

Next, let us discuss the option of Aluminum porch covers. As with the aforementioned option, an aluminum cover is one of the most affordable options to weatherproof any porch. They are also highly resistant to corrosion which in turn allows them to last much longer on a tighter budget no less. Another perk to choosing aluminum covers would be the versatile selection of designs to choose from. Such a selection would of course only add to the home’s value and curb appeal as well as fit the unique taste of the homeowner.

Roof Extension 

The third option to be discussed here would be a roof extension. While a roof extension would be a bit more costly than the previously mentioned options and more time-consuming to complete it would in turn be the more durable of the three which would mean a longer-lasting porch in the long run. Moreover, a roof extension could be designed in many ways, such as building materials, colors, size, and even such incorporating as latticework could be utilized. There are indeed many options with a roof extension and it will be a lasting addition to any outdoor space.

Enclosed Four-Track Cover

For the fourth and final option, we shall discuss an enclosure, namely a four-track room. This is a widely popular method to weatherproof any porch. It would be adept at protecting a porch from all four seasons and yet offer wider-than-average windows to allow a cool breeze to circulate throughout the enclosure. When the weather becomes extreme one can simply close the windows to protect the porch and its occupants from the harsh outdoor elements. By and large, the four-track room enclosure is an excellent way to protect one’s porch from the harshness of snow, rain, sleet, and hail while offering versatility in budget needs as well as design preferences.

Ultimately, Valer Builders will create the safest and most weatherproofed structure for each homeowner’s need.  Whether said needs are budget concerned or style based or both Valer Builders team can and will craft each homeowner the most long-lasting and durable outdoor cover for their porch. Weatherproofing one’s porch is vital to maintaining a porch or patio’s structural integrity and as such the utmost care and precision should go into it’s design and creation.

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