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Pergolas are one of the outdoor entertaining enthusiast’s best assets. These beautiful structures have similarities to gazebos and arbors. Gazebos always have full roof coverage. Pergola roofs are typically an open lattice and look great with vines grown on them. People also drape lightweight fabric between the open roof beams on some pergolas. Pergolas have columns that support the roofing grid and may be freestanding or attached to a house. Arbors are typically lightweight and usually do not contain columns. They often have an arch made of lattice. Pergolas are commonly built in a garden. 

Why Choose a Pergola?

Pergolas are relatively large and sturdy. They can offer comfortable seating in the shade and privacy that doesn’t feel too enclosed. These structures are a great way to extend your entertaining space outdoors. People love to serve meals in them or enjoy late-night tapas and drinks. They look great with sturdy deck furniture and will hold plenty of lighting. 

Where Can You Put a Pergola?

Pergolas are an all-time favorite garden addition. They are great in those in-between spaces for people who have a garden space, walking paths, pools, and a patio or deck. Decks and pool patios are two other places people frequently put pergolas. Your exterior contractor can install a full roof and help you create sides for your pergola that suit your needs. Many people grow roses, vines, or other plants around the walls and roof of their pergola to create a relaxing lounge area. 

Valer Builders provides exterior contractor services for clients who want beautiful outdoor recreational spaces. We are based in Alexandria, VA and serve several surrounding cities as well. 

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