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Whether you place your pergola poolside, or you have a pergola solely to use as a patio space, it can be a very nice spot to relax or entertain guests. However, if you don’t have adequate lighting by your pergola, the entertaining usually ends when it is too dark to see who you’re talking to. You can change that simply by finding the perfect lighting for your pergola.

Electrical Wiring and Hardwired Lighting

If you want light out in the pergola anytime, you can hire a contractor to do some electrical work and then hardwire the lighting in. If you choose this option, you can select the lighting of your dreams. It could be a small crystal chandelier hung from the center of the pergola, or it could be strings of lights similar to the ones you see in outdoor restaurant courtyards. Of course, the only way to change the lighting is to remove the lighting you have chosen and replace it with something entirely different. 

Outlets and String Lights 

Instead of hardwiring lighting, you could opt to have a contractor put outlets in hidden spots near the pergola. Then you can choose from dozens of sets of string lights and string them up and around the pergola’s legs and across the center space. Plug them into the hidden outlets. Change them to fit a theme or suit a special occasion or holiday. There are so many different things you can do if you choose to light your pergola this way.

On top of lighting any way you want with string lights, you can create a mood for your gatherings. Softer glowing light for romance, bright twinkling colors for Christmas, etc., are all available to you. The mood never has to be the same when you plug in the strings of lights you choose for each event. Host every occasion under your pergola simply by changing the lights.

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