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Lighting has a magical way of beautifying our space and adding to its functionality. Good lighting brings a new meaning to a room, indoors or outdoors. Many homes have a deck where we enjoy our outdoor experiences. However, the time spent on the terrace is highly determined by the quality of its lighting. 

Planning for beautiful barbeque seasons in summer starts with our outdoor lighting system. At the same time, well-set exterior lighting also improves the security of your home. In this article, we’ll look at five unique ideas to transform your space with deck lighting. 

1. Built-in Floor Lights

Floor lights have a lot of similarities to railing lights. These are installed in the foundation to give better lighting to your outdoor space. Built-in floor lights come in many options, including recessed lights. You can also have some built-in staircases. 

2. Hanging Tree Pendants

There’s nothing wrong with showing some love to Mother Nature. Crafting tree pendant arrangements to your exact specifications gives you great results. Hanging lanterns on tree branches might be a bit aesthetic. Therefore, they should not be your primary source of lighting. However, as anticipated, it will accentuate your deck’s inherent beauty and contemporary flair.

3. Waterside String Lights

This works best for those with ocean-or-river-side sitting areas. However, it’d still come in handy with a spacious backyard sans water. All you need is to hang simple string lights of different colors. If there are no trees to hang them on, simple DIY poles will do. 

4. A Fire Table 

This statement piece might be simple, but it’ll automatically elevate your backyard deck. If you have enough room, add a fire table or other features. Apart from being beautiful, they keep you warm all year round, even on windy nights. There are many aesthetic fire tables in the market today. Hence, you can get one that perfectly fits your theme. 

5. Lanterns

Romance starts from the lighting to the food served. Try a line of lanterns if you’re looking forward to enjoying romantic moments in your deck. They are cheap and temporary. This means they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Well-light lanterns can create a romantic path that evokes a dreamy ambiance.

Fanciful lighting ideas are great, but if not well done, they can be a waste of time and resources. For long-lasting and reliable services, contact Valer Builders. Our objective is always to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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